Ocean health is our health

The ocean touches nearly every aspect of our lives – making it essential to the economic, social, and ecological well-being of everyone, everywhere.

How do we measure the health of the Oceans?

The Ocean Health Index (OHI) – organised by 10 public goals –  is a new, comprehensive measure of the ocean’s overall condition – one that treats people and nature as integrated parts of a healthy system.

Evaluated globally and by country, these 10 public goals represent the wide range of benefits that a healthy ocean provides to people. Each country’s overall score is the average of its 10 goal scores. Overall scores and individual goal scores are directly comparable between all countries and all scores range from 0 to 100.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide accumulator

Ocean Acidification is one of the components, the factors used to evaluate a goal’s four dimensions: Status, Trend, Pressure, and Resilience.

Read more about OHI and find your country’s overall score here 

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