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Ocean Acidification Antarctic Cruise  – Jan – Feb 2013

Penguins swimming just near RRS JCR @ Southern Seas, Jan 2013 @Clement Georges

Stormy Seas – Drake Passage, Jan 2013 @Frances Hopkins

Ocean Acidification Arctic Cruise – June 2012

On June 2012, thirty researchers from eight laboratories across the UK set sail for far chillier climes to study the effect of ocean acidification on the Norwegian, Barents and Greenland Seas.


A Force 8 gale storm and some impressively big waves rolling past James Clark Ross on our way to Greenland ice margin.

Credit: Jeremy Young

The first CTD being brought back aboard the JCR at around 3am, 4 June 2012

Sea-Surface OA Consortium Cruise to NW European seas 6 June – 11 July 2011