List of Work Packages

WP 1:    Cruises
                Leader: Eric Achterberg

WP 2:    Bioassay Experiments
                Leader: Mark Moore
+++++++Sophie Richier

WP 3:    Core Measurements including carbonate chemistry
                Leader: Dorothee Bakker
+++++++ Eric Achterberg, Matthew Palmer,  Mark  Moore,
+++++++ Richard Sanders, Sebastian Steigenberger, Mark Stinchcombe

WP 4:    Plankton Community Structure
                Leader: Alex Poulton
+++++++Cecilia Balestreri, Colin Brownlee, Peter Burkill,
+++++++Polly Hill, Ross Holland,David Johns, Ray Leakey,
+++++++Victoria Peck, Roz Rickaby, Declan Schroeder,
+++++++Geraint Tarling, Peter Ward, Jeremy Young, Mike Zubkov

WP 5:    Biogeochemical Rates
                Leader: David Suggett

WP 6:    Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Biocalcification
                Leader: Jeremy Young
+++++++Cecilia Balestreri, Colin Brownlee , Chris Daniels,
+++++++Victoria Peck, Alex Poulton, Ros Rickaby,
+++++++Declan Schroeder , Geraint Tarling, Toby Tyrell

WP 7:    Food Web Effects
                Leader: Geraint Tarling
+++++++Polly Hill, Victoria Peck, Peter Ward, Mike Zubkov,

WP 8:    Impacts on Climate
                Leader: Philip Nightingale
+++++++Steve Archer, Ian Brown, Darren Clark, Andy Rees,
+++++++John Stephens, Frances Hopkins, Richard Sanders,
+++++++Helen Smith

WP 9:    Synthesis
                Leader: Toby Tyrrell
+++++++Eric Achterberg